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Loving Kindness Method

The LK Method is an innovative body-mind health program. It’s a method that focuses on changing the way you think in order to create healthy behaviours. The method is built on an individualized nutrition approach, education and incorporates cognitive restructuring strategies like acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and intuitive eating.


At the root of all this is the concept of Loving Kindness. When you learn to show yourself compassion, it empowers you to re-pattern early experience and reorder core beliefs that may not be serving you well.


Science is showing us that changing how you think and the choices you make is the key to changing your health and meeting weight loss goals.


Meet Your Coach

I’m Lisa, a nutritionist, educator, and mindfulness coach. I’ve spent over 16 years helping my clients live the happy and healthy lives they deserve. I’ve also done a lot of work to live the happy and healthy life I wanted for myself.

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My wake-up call involved what felt like a total collapse of my life. Fear and worry had taken control. I was paralyzed to take action and my health suffered immensely. Prioritizing self-care and finding compassion for myself helped me regain ME. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt and I’m taking on more than ever before!


I’m excited to show you a better way!

  • Ready to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime?

  • Want to enjoy your journey to living healthy?

  • Do you want to achieve physical vitality, and feel attractive again?


No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I know you can become the person you’ve always envisioned. You are capable of having the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Contact me for more information, or to schedule a discovery call!
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A powerful 6-month, life-changing program that will totally reboot your life. You’ll reach wellness goals, conquer negative thought and behaviour patterns, and learn to control stress and the nasty impact it has on your health.​

  • Personalized Approach: You will be the best YOU possible, enjoying everything from a healthy weight to improved digestion to balanced hormones. You’ll be supported every step of the way.

  • Comprehensive 1 hr intake with your personal nutrition mind-body health coach.

  • Bi-weekly zoom 45 min sessions

  • Motivational check-in.  

  • Unlimited text messaging support

  • Personalized learning materials and supports to build your binder

  • Mindfulness and intuitive eating strategies to re-pattern past behaviours and negative thinking.

  • Bonus materials for eating out, snacking right, recipes, meal prep & planning


This program is intensive and requires your full participation to achieve best results. We will address mindsets and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from maintaining your best weight, explore values to help guide committed action steps, and find a sustainable lifestyle plan that you can enjoy long-term. Behaviour change isn’t easy - we will help you learn why you're worth the effort!


This is a medically-supervised program and your physician may also discuss weight management medications and address medical factors contributing to weight gain.


6 Month Loving Kindness Cost: Only $165 + hst per month!
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