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Q & A

  • How much weight will I lose?
    The amount of weight loss is variable. Patients who take the recommended medication lose about 17% on average. Patients who take the medication and fully participate in our program can loose over 25 - 40 % of their weight!!!
  • Do you prescribe weight loss medication?
    Yes, the doctor usually offers pharmacotherapy to aid for weight loss. Currently there are 3 medications approved by Health Canada for weight management. Some highly effective medications are not officially approved for weight loss at this time and the doctor can prescribe these medications “off label” to achieve optimal results.
  • What is cognitive restructuring?
    Well, it literally means changing your thinking. The premise is that you can change your behaviour if you change your thinking. Some have described it as mindset coaching. Others have expressed it as “training the brain to think like a thin person”. Lisa Chilvers uses a type of cognitive restructuring called Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Her brand of ACT is called The Loving Kindness Method. It involves mindful eating, restraint thinking, planning ,goal setting, resilience ,craving management, emotional eating management and rule guided behaviour. It also involves the management of negative thoughts and the generous application of self love and self compassion.
  • What type of diet does your clinic use?
    We don’t embrace any specific diet because studies show they don’t work in the long term and perpetuate yo-yo dieting. Dietary advice is tailored to individual and cultural preferences and is based on developing a healthy eating lifestyle. It’s important that you actually enjoy your eating plan.
  • Do I need a referral?
    We strongly prefer a referral from your family doctor or nurse practitioner as we like to include them in your treatment plan. Dr. Martyn Chilvers often makes specific recommendations to your doctor for alternatives to weight promoting medications.
  • Is this covered under OHIP or my benefits?
    All medical appointment are covered under OHIP and most insurance companies cover the cost of prescribed medications. Our lifestyle program is not usually covered with insurance, but many extended healthcare plans will cover a portion of a nutrition program.
  • Can I see the doctor without participating in the Cognitive Restructuring program?
    Occasionally a patient is unable to participate in our lifestyle program. You can continue to receive medical care and prescribed medication. Clinical studies show an average weight loss with the medication alone as only 17%. Patients who participate in the full program can expect to lose as much as 25-40% of their weight. (Individual results vary) Many patients ask to have one off appointments with our Nutritionist. These are fee for service appointments. This allows the patient to get some lifestyle support. Fee for service rate: $120.00 for 1hr $ 90.00 for ¾ hr $ 75.00 for ½ hr There are patients who are unsuitable for medication and choose to join our program, without medical support. This does not require a referral from your healthcare provider. Book a free consultation today!
  • I’m not interested in taking medication. Can I sign up for the Cognitive Restructuring program without taking medication?
    Yes! Signing up for Loving Kindness Method does not require a medical referral. Its a life changing program that will heal your relationship with food. There’s a monthly fee of $165 hst to participate in this groundbreaking program, Book a free consultation today!
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